Valentines Day Makeup 2/14/14

Take advantage of my Partial Makeup Applications – $50:

Choose any two: Eyes, Lashes, Cheeks (contour, blush, bronzer), Lips, Skin, Brows (shaped, filled-in)


Treat yourself with airbrush makeup, and a Full Makeup Application (lipstick sample and lashes included) – $100

Book with any Path Salon Hair stylist and get $10 off any Makeup Service

Call Path Salon or visit to book now (2/14/14 only):


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Questions? Comments? Reviews?

I work with so many wonderful clients, vendors and event planners and I love hearing from you all!

  • Are you a former client and had a particularly good experience with me?  Tell me why it was so great and help others wade through the growing number of makeup artists in Austin.  Write a review on Yelp , The Wedding Wire , or Kleinfelds Manhattan.
  • I am always available to answer any questions; from how I book to what foundation is my favorite.  If there is a nagging question you have always wanted to ask or if you just need some inspiration on how to come up with a look for your event or photo shoot, I am here to give you my detailed opinion.  Look for my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page coming soon.
  • Are you a vendor in the industry here in Austin and need makeup for headshots, corporate meetings or a special occasion?  Ask me about my vendor discount and referral program.





Summer Brides!

Ever wonder why “Bridal Makeup” is more expensive than a normal makeup application?  Here I answer this question for a future bride:

“…also, is there any functional difference between Makeup Application under “Individual Services” versus “Bridal Services”? I know that everyone charges more for bridal, but I’m just curious. The “functional” difference between a Bridal Application and a regular Individual Service is the time and attention to detail it takes to do bridal makeup.  The bridal applications tend to be more stressful, take place on-location and require more steps in the applications for longevity.  The planning and time spent on emails/communication, invoicing and customizing schedules are “hidden” hours that I do myself and can add up to hours of work before I even pick up a brush.  I also offer each bride a sample of the custom blended lipstick for touch-ups, airbrush foundation along with complimentary lashes.” 


I am now booking for Summer 2013.  Hurry before all time slots are full!

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