Daniele is a beautiful girl who had a vision for her big day.  When I met her at her trial-run, she was anxious about how everything was going to come together and not sure about her makeup look.  After talking about her style and seeing a picture of her dress, we decided to go with a very natural look with pinkish hues.  Her skin tone was enhanced by using a neutral eye shadow and the look was up to date with soft, smoky contouring.  Pink lips and a custom blended foundation to match her skin perfectly completed the image she had in mind.

On her wedding day, I met Daniele at the W Hotel where they had a very large room for all the ladies to get ready.  I had the distinct pleasure of doing her mothers makeup (a non-makeup wearer) and could feel the joy as the room buzzed with girlish giggles.  Daniele was calm, confident and glowing as we went through the makeup application process.  I had the opportunity to see the bride once more as she opted for my touch-up service just after her ceremony.  It was a warm Texas day so I cleaned up her skin, gave her a little powder, re-applied her lipstick and even added slightly more dramatic touch to her eyes for the evening reception.

It is needless to say that I was blessed with having Daniele and her mother as my clients and I would be thrilled to be able to work with them again, anytime, anywhere.


A sneak peek video of my bride Daniele (a vision really) VideoHere

Thanks to McKenzie Miller for the video link.  Check out all of McKenzie’s work at http://www.mckenziemillerfilms.com/


Here is a link to Daniele’s photo’s.  **Notice the makeup and how it stays “picture perfect” throughout the night.  Enjoy!

Photographer: Caroline Plus Ben